What to Expect During Worship Service at GracePoint Church in Evansville, IN

You're a guest one time, after that, you're family!

Many churches in Evansville, IN offer unique worship experiences, and GracePoint Church is no exception. Although our traditions might seem strange to you, our Sunday morning worship service is rooted in biblical principles.

For instance, we play music on various instruments because that's how the Israelites worshipped the Lord (2 Samuel 6:5). Feel free to join us in...

Lifting our hands in worship
(Psalm 134:2)

(Psalm 98:4)

Praying out loud
(Acts 4:24)

(Psalm 150:4)

Clapping and shouting
(Psalm 47:1)

We hope to see you at our next worship service.

Got questions? Just ask.

Got questions? Just ask.

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