What's Happening This Week at GracePoint Church?

Join us for more than just Sunday worship service in Evansville, IN

Although Sunday worship service is the focus at GracePoint Church in Evansville, IN, it's not the only way to enjoy community or worship God. We host weekly events, including midweek worship service, to encourage our congregation throughout the week.

Here's our weekly schedule:

@ 11 am:

Sunday school for all ages

@ 12 pm:

Sunday worship service

@ 7 pm:

Prayer and intercession

@ 7 pm:

Midweek worship service

Friday & Saturday

Praise team practice, kids choir practice and youth events

Saturday prayer @ 1PM

Youth events

We can pick you up in our shuttle bus if you need a ride to church. Contact us today to learn more about our church events.

Information for parents

Information for parents

Families are welcome at GracePoint Church in Evansville, IN. We hope to make your Sunday morning worship distraction-free by providing nursery or child care for your little ones.

Contact us today for details.